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The Trial of FDR and the SS St. Louis

Last night I was privileged to attend a showing of the play The Trial of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Creighton University.  The play is presented by an organization called The St. Louis Project. In 1939 a ship called the SS St. Louis left Germany to Cuba with over...

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Holocaust Remembrance Day is Thursday

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day Thursday, Creighton University in collaboration with the Omaha Jewish Community, will present the original docudrama, “The Trial of Franklin D. Roosevelt.” The docudrama is about the 1939 voyage of the SS St. Louis. 900 Jewish...

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4 recall ‘Voyage of the Damned’

Four high-achieving men came to Omaha last week to tell of their Jewish boyhoods in Germany and an ill-fated boat trip — known as the “Voyage of the Damned.” That is the title of a book and a movie from the 1970s about the SS St. Louis, a ship with 937 Jews fleeing...

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